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Here’s my summer mixtape. Free download.
Copped the art from Haydiroket.

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H O N E Y  BY fatleopard

Model : Kym Wills @k_merica on ig

Brooklyn NY

I’m in Heaven

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Prometheans by Starpilot & Whatnot on SoundCloud

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Wildlife in their natural habitat. #VHS

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Maybe I should start posting this every Friday.

Let’s do this.

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I heard you like #FullMoonEntertainment. Trancers 1-5 in jumbo video hard case. Jack Deth Lives on #VHS

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It’s been emotional. #ff6

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Very thoughtful b-day gift from @vthn which is not only my favorite game if all time, but my actual childhood copy if the cartridge. I think I gave it to him in 2001.

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Putting together tonight’s video voodoo.

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